We advise you on accounting, taxes, laws and business strategies.

An entrepreneur is bound to tackle complicated situations and responsible tasks. It is obvious that nobody can know everything – there is no point in trying to do so. It is often more reasonable to ask specialists for advice. For our regular customers, the current consultations are included in the price.

We offer consultations in four main fields:

  • legal issues;
  • management-related issues;
  • financing;
  • accounting.

Legal consultations

Every kind of business activity is based on agreements, either written or oral ones. What may look simple at the first sight, may turn out to be a real maze when going deeper into the matter. As most agreements are to cover several areas of application, they definitely have to be watertight and protect the company’s interests.

During legal consultations, we help the customers with drawing up and analyzing agreements. Over the years, we have created standard solutions for major agreements, most of which have also successfully passed the ordeal of legal proceedings.

Legal consultations are not limited to agreements. There are a lot of capable lawyers and attorneys among our co-operation partners who you can ask for advice and help, and whose doors are open for our customers.

Management consultations

Managers of a company often have questions on how to improve the company’s performance. What to do to make the employees be more hard-working? How to increase profit? How to divide the work-related tasks so that everything would be done? Are the assets of the company protected?

It is not a good idea to turn a blind eye to such questions. They have to be answered! The experienced team of Vesiir is ready to help you with such questions. Together, we’ll find the best solution!

Financial consultations

The availability of a sufficient amount of financial resources is a prerequisite for doing business. There are lots of possibilities of how to obtain resources and which financiers to use, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. It is easy to misjudge the need for financing or choose a wrong source of finance.

Over the years, we have gathered plenty of knowledge and experience in the field of financing possibilities. We explain the pros and cons of different sources of finance, help to write projects to funds or foundations, apply for a bank loan, and we prepare the required reports for that.

Accounting consultations

Vesiir is one of the oldest accounting service providers in Estonia. Over the years, our accountants have had to handle a number of complicated problems. Now the whole baggage of knowledge of our accountants is at the disposal of our customers.

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