Accounting is the main field of activity of Vesiir – we offer help in all matters related to accounting starting from setting it up to reporting.

Accounting is an inevitability both for running the company and for fulfilling the obligations arising from law. Accounting is a complicated area, and it requires special knowledge. Even a small mistake could cost you a lot. You should definitely trust this work with somebody who is qualified to do it and will also be responsible for this.

We offer comprehensive accounting-related help from setting up accounting, drawing up regulations and charts of accounts to current accounting. Mostly, the accounting service includes financial accounting, but on agreement with the customer, we also run all other accounting-related jobs:

  • drawing up sales documents;
  • recognizing purchase documents;
  • making bank transfers;
  • communicating with the tax board, health insurance fund and commercial register;
  • preparing and submitting regular tax returns and preparing annual reports.

Depending on the customer’s wish and need, the work is performed either on our premises or our employee is regularly at the customer’s place during agreed hours.

In order to render the accounting service, we use an original software solution created in our company. The solution makes it possible for the customer to have a direct link to his/her company’s accounting data, if necessary. On-line accounting guarantees the customer a 24-hour direct access to all accounting.

If your company is a member of an international group or you must prepare IFRS-compliant financial statements, Vesiir has expertise both in IFRS and IFRS for SME accounting!

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