Establishment of companies, selling off-the-shelf companies

We’ll help you establish a company, draw up a business plan and set up accounting.

Besides accounting and accounting consultations, we offer our customers assistance with the problems occurring with establishing and reorganizing the company. Instead of establishing a company, you may consider buying an off-the-shelf company. In this case you do not need to raise money to cover the owner’s equity as we have already done it for you.

Professional assistance helps to secure a problem-free future

In order to establish a new company, you need to draw up a number of specific documents (articles of association, memoranda of association and foundation resolutions, etc), communicate with different institutions, visit a notary and open a start account in the bank. If this is the first time for you to do it,  things may get quite complicated and troublesome. It may also happen that if you do something wrong, you will have to do them over and over again. The whole process is a lot easier with the help of professional consultants:

  • we shall help you prepare all the necessary documentation;
  • we shall communicate with the necessary institutions on your behalf;
  • we shall obtain appropriate activity licences;
  • we shall consult you about drawing up a business plan;
  • we shall help you conduct market surveys;
  • we shall give you legal advice, if necessary.

If you wish to set up a company or buy an off-the-shelf company, contact us!

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