Stability and Reliability

Vesiir is one of the oldest, largest and most recognized accounting service providers in Estonia.

Vesiir entered the market with the accounting service in 1997 already. Since our first days in business, we have set the goal to help the companies solve their accounting-related problems with uncompromising quality.

In the course of time, the number of customers has increased to hundreds, we have gathered a comprehensive knowledge and experience and established a respectable co-operation partners’ network of lawyers, notaries, business consultants and other professionals working in the fields close to ours. Our customers do not need to search for assistance from different places if they have any questions or problems – the knowledge and experience of our employees will help them solve all legal, accounting and analysis issues related to the establishment of the company and current work.

The long history of Vesiir testifies that:

  • we are stable and sustainable;
  • we have an abundant baggage of experience and good co-operation partners;
  • we can give good advice on accounting and in legal matters;
  • we have hundreds of content customers who can recommend us;
  • we are responsible for our own actions – as we are a large company.

Reliability is guaranteed by liability insurance

Vesiir has more than ten years of experience, a qualified workforce, the best technical facilities and a well-functioning quality system. Nevertheless, none of us is completely safe from accidents. Being a large and a well-off company, we are liable for the damage caused by us, but as an additional guarantee, with each customer agreement we take the responsibility to have a complete liability insurance cover.

The quality of Vesiir is internationally recognized.

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