A strong advantage of Vesiir is its diversity. Being our customer, you will have at your disposal a whole team of highly qualified specialists: accountants, lawyers, auditors and notaries.

Dealing with the accounting of different companies for a long time has made it possible for us to collect a huge amount of experience and knowledge. This is something that an accountant dealing with the accounting of just one company is never able to achieve. The size of the company and the amount of work enable us to smoothly put up with the changing amounts of the needs and guarantee that even unexpectedly received work shall be completed by due date.

Vesiir assists you at every stage of the company’s life cycle from its establishment to liquidation.

The chronological development of each business project can be viewed as a life cycle, which is commonly divided into different stages. To be successful, all these stages are important. We are able to help you in all of these stages.

  • Before start, we carry out research and calculations, analyses and planning, and we obtain activity licences.
  • We sell off-the-shelf companies and establish companies.
  • We launch companies: we conclude employment and lease agreements, open bank accounts, set up accounting.
  • We organize accounting and reporting, give advice on future plans, help to increase efficiency and offer help in more complicated situations when the company is already in   operation.
  • We help to liquidate the company when the set targets have been reached.
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