On-line accounting

On-line accounting enables you to be up-to-date about the state of the accounting in real time. The efficient and powerful ERP software created by Vesiir makes accounting extremely convenient.

On-line accounting means that you can use the accounting service and software at the same time: the same software is simultaneously  working at the customer’s place and in the self-service bureau.

The accounting software created by Vesiir makes dividing the tasks between the customer and service bureau especially easy. Our ERP software enables you to take all accounting into network – financial accounting, but also stock, personnel and payroll accounting. The customer has access to all data round-the-clock.

How does on-line accounting work?

In case of on-line accounting, the same software is working simultaneously both in customer’s computer and in the accounting office. Practically, on-line accounting means that the customer can in his/her computer log in the accounting programme which is running in the server of the accounting service provider. In order to do that, a separate programme is installed in the customer’s computer by means of which you can save and print out reports, make 24 hours a day enquiries regarding the company’s financial situation, look at and change all the data, draw up, view, change and enter invoices.

The customer uses the same programme as his/her accountant, so it is always possible to work with the accountant, discuss things and ask for explanations.

What’s on-line accounting good  for?

As the company expands, the entrepreneur’s diary will not be sufficient. Special software is needed for making invoices, stock accounting, calculating salaries and for a lot of other things. We offer software for financial, stock, payroll and personnel accounting. Along with the accounting service, you can use our accounting software which guarantees direct access to your accounting data whenever you wish.

Advantages of Vesiir’s on-line accounting

  • Possibility to use all software modules (financial, stock, payroll or personnel accounting) both separately and together.
  • Accounting can quickly be adjusted to the needs of the companies with different fields of activity and requirements.
  • Using it is easy – you can rely on intuition.
  • Facilitation and automation of repeated work operations.
  • Avoiding and easy finding of mistakes due to human errors.
  • Possibility to divide different parts of jobs easily and clearly between people inside one company as well as in a situation where part of the work is performed in the customer’s company and part in the accounting company.

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