Personal approach and cost-saving

Each customer’s personal needs are taken into account in the process of working out the price. This is how we guarantee that our long-time experience could be available to you for reasonable costs.

When working out the price, we take the customer’s requests and needs into account as much as possible. The flexible system starting from a fixed monthly fee to the settling of accounts based on a very accurate measurement of our work load ensures that each customer is given a suitable solution. We help the customer select a pricing package suitable exactly for his/her needs, and we are always ready to negotiate.

The main advantage of the accounting service over having an accountant in the company is saving costs.

Accounting as a service is considerably cheaper than hiring an accountant to work for the company. The exact costs depend on the scope of the company’s activities and they change accordingly. We have prepared the basic package of our accounting service in such a way that it fully covers the accounting operations necessary for your company and we make each customer a personal offer. If you wish to receive an offer for your company, we would like you to describe your company’s activities and workload and contact us. We shall definitely come to an agreement which satisfies both parties.