Why choose Vesiir to do your accounting?

Vesiir is the best partner to whom you can trust your company’s accounting. Our strengths are diversity, stability, quality, personal approach and convenience.

All-in-one both in Estonia and outside

If you order the accounting service from Vesiir, we shall organize all your paperwork:

  • we shall organize the accounting from setting it up to current work and reporting;
  • we shall communicate with the tax board and commercial register;
  • we shall pay the taxes, salaries and wages;
  • we shall prepare, issue and settle the invoices;
  • we shall draw up the agreements and give advice on basic legal issues;
  • we shall offer management consultations, help to set up a company and prepare a business plan;
  • we shall provide you with a quality accounting software which gives you round-the clock overview of the state of accounting.

Thanks to our long operating experience, we have reliable co-operation partners among lawyers and auditors as well as interpreters and translators.

Vesiir is a reliable partner

Accounting is a very responsible job, and therefore the service provider is to be selected carefully. Every member in our team follows the principle “Only the best is acceptable”. We are one of the oldest service providers in the Estonian market, and our main strength lies in the following four keywords.

Stability and reliability. We started our business in 1997 which makes us one of the first companies in Estonia to offer accounting services. Our long history has given us a lot of experience and is a guarantee of our stability. Being a large well-off company, we are ready to take full responsibility for our work. READ MORE

Internationally recognized quality. We have created a perfect quality management system which covers all the operating activities and leaves no space for insecurity, presumptions or bad mistakes.

Personal approach and cost-saving. Accounting as a service is considerably cheaper than hiring an accountant. The costs depend on the scope of the company’s operating activities, and they change alongside with the changes in the activities. Therefore, we have an individual approach for each customer. You will get an idea of our prices here: READ MORE

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