Customer Satisfaction Survey

100% of Vesiir’s customers regard us as reliable, trustworthy service provider!

Vesiir conducted a customer satisfaction survey which aimed to find out the satisfaction level with our company, the quality of accounting service and additional services.

According to the customer satisfaction survey 100% of our respondents regard us as a trustworthy, reliable service provider and they would recommend us to new customers.

Three most important factors in choosing an accounting service provider, were long time experience of the company, price and existence of additional services.
Among the aspects of our service that were rated higher than „good“ was the satisfaction with competency of Vesiir accountants, attitude and friendliness, everyday communication and problem solving skills.

Among the areas which need improvement, were the distribution of administrative and legislative information. Therefore, Vesiir has started issuing informational newsletters and organizing special events called „Morning Coffees“ to discuss various accounting-related issues.

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