Tax and Customs Board will collect the tax interests in arrears

The Tax and Customs Board ( has been using a new accounting system for a little longer than a year. The new system enables them to keep the account of the interests following the Taxation Act. But  please be noted that the Taxation Act stipulates that tax interest expires in one year.

Now Tax and Customs Board is trying to avoid the fact of the interest accounting expiry, and it has started to present interest claims, which comes as a surprise to the respective companies.

Unfortunately, the Tax and Customs Board is trying to conceal into such interest claims also the interest sums dating back to 2008 and earlier and which expired a long time ago already. According to the law, they have expired and no corresponding interest claim can be presented.

Here is our recommendation:

Entrepreneurs! If you receive an interest claim from the Tax and Customs Board, make sure you check that they are not claiming for the payment of the already expired interest. If you feel that yo need help with this matter, we will be glad to go through the interest claim sent to you, and if necessary, we can prepare a formal objection.